anyone knows about the history of Palestine to help me with my dissertation?

anyone knows about the history of Palestine to help me with my dissertation? Topic: anyone knows about the history of Palestine to help me with my dissertation?
June 16, 2019 / By Dee
Question: hi everyone.. u might have heard of the holocaust museum in washington. what's special about the museum is that it is designed in a way that makes you feel scared and uncomfortable.. for example, the museum has no signage so when you're inside you won't know where you are. kind of like how the jews didn't know where they were being led to during the holocaust.. anyway i don't wanna talk a lot here, but for my architecture dissertation i have decided to design something similar and my lecturer loved the idea. im gonna do it about Palestine, but i don't know much about their history. Can someone help me with an idea?.. i was thinking of making a museum about the Gaza Massacre 3 years ago.. but im open for any other suggestions.. thanks : )
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Brittney Brittney | 6 days ago
Before the British trusteeshop over Palestine, it was occupied and belonged to the Ottoman Empire for threecenturies.Actually, a state of Palestine has never existed, When the UN decided to partition the trusteeship governed by the British into two states, the Arabs refused a separate state and their allies of neighboring muslim statyes attacked the nascent Israel , The Artabs were defeated and now wish , I guess , they agree initially nstead of refusing, Only today they marked the 15th May when they were deated by the small bunch of Jews who comprised the new Israeli Army. Every time ir seems there is a close agreement to resolve the issue, the Palestinians walk away for one rewason or another.I have come to the conclusion the Palestinians leadrship is either incompetwent or does not wwant a real state which they would have to administer,. I assume the Palestine would become another failed State and if they would continue asrguing about destroying Israel, of course just as inirially, the Arabs will be digging their own graves. To wit: Arab despots do not easily give up terorizing their own people, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East so far until the recent revolts establish a governing democrcy. So I suggest that you pick another topic as suggested by another respondent.
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Brittney Originally Answered: Israel vs. Palestine?
There wasn't a nation called Palestine before 1948 but it wasn't unoccupied either. Parts of it were excellent agricultural land. In the late 19th century, a group of European Jews known as Zionists decided to form a Jewish state in Palestine. Palestine at the time was 97% Muslim and Christian. Before WWI Palestine was part of the Ottoman empire, which had been going through a process of democratization in fits and starts. Palestinians had had representation in the Ottoman parliament in 1877, 1908, 1912 and 1914. To create the Jewish state, at first the European Zionists approached the Ottoman empire, but when Palestine came under the "British Mandate" after WWI they successfully petitioned the Britain and the other members of the League of Nations, victors of WWI, to favor the setting up of a "Jewish national home" in Palestine. The inhabitants of Palestine including native Jews were virtually all against the Zionist plan. In the decades after WWI Zionists tried buying up land and various economic measures such as only hiring Jews in businesses they set up or agricultural lands they purchased, and in the early 20th century some Zionists contemplated expelling the indigenous Arabs (as they were usually called then, today known as Palestinians). Of course the British favored the Jewish settlements in many ways. They recognized Jewish political institutions but not Palestinian ones. Within British civil institutions (e.g. transportation) Jews were paid more for their labor, than Palestinians. A ceiling on promotion was imposed on native Palestinians working for the British government that was not imposed on Jews. The first British High Commissioner of the mandate government was a Zionist Jew, Sir Herbert Samuel. Native Palestinians had no such influence. For example, in 1930 a delegation of Palestinians met with British colonial secretary Lord Passfield and demanded that the mandate set up a parliament "elected by the people in proportion to their numbers, irrespective of race or creed". Passfield turned down the request because it conflicted with the terms of the British Mandate (to set up a Jewish national home). Jews were the minority, so democracy and equal rights for all was out of the question! The consequence was that the national civil institutions (for example education, labor, health) were either British or Zionist, making it so much easier for the Zionists to form a state when the British left. Starting with strikes in 1936, the Palestinian public rebelled against the British but this was ruthlessly crushed with the help of the Jewish settlers - who were able to develop a well trained and well-armed military force with the help of the British. In 1939 the British issued a "White Paper" promising limits on Jewish immigration and a Palestinians state. So the Palestinians (most of their leadership in prison or in exile) ended the rebellion, and mostly were quiescent or supported the British in WWII against the Nazis. Following the "White Paper," some Zionists took to terrorism against the British and Palestinian civilians. By 1948, swelled by refugees from Europe, Jews were about 1/3 the population of Palestine and had managed to purchase between 6% and 7% of the land. The terrorism against the Palestinians picked up in 1947 when it became apparent that the British were leaving. Until they left in 1948, the British did very little to prevent the massive campaign of ethnic cleansing the Zionists started against the Palestinians. Palestinians, their leadership destroyed and with little native military, were left largely defenseless against attacks on their villages and towns by the Zionist armed forces. The Zionists had already destroyed dozens of villages by the time the Arab armies entered the war, immediately after Israel declared itself a state in May 1948. As the war progressed, the Zionists consolidated their plans to "clean up" Arab villages, and began systematically to expel the Palestinians with massacres, threats of massacres, and ordering people out of their homes at gunpoint. As a result, about 750,000 Palestinian Arabs became refugees. The Zionists (now Israelis) confiscated land, property and funds left behind by the refugees and used it for Jewish-only development, and demolished well over 400 villages to prevent the return of the inhabitants. With the majority who probably would have voted against the creation of a Jewish state driven out (there were about 650,000 Jews in Palestine in 1948), Israel declared itself a democracy. The refugees lost most of their possessions and many have lived in camps ever since. In 1967 Israel attacked Egypt, Jordan and Syria (some might claim there was provocation by the Arabs, certainly there was belligerant rhetoric). In any case, Israel occupied the rest of mandatory Palestine, expelled more people and destroyed more homes and villages (some 18,000 houses since 1967), also confiscated more land and began settling Jews in Jewish-only settlements. The military regime imposed on the Palestinians was also pretty brutal, all protest against Israel was forbidden including the display of Palestinian colors on pain of imprisonment and/or torture, at least up to 1994 when the Oslo accords were signed. The first major Palestinian uprising or intifada, in 1987, against the occupation was largely characterized by strikes and protests and the Israeli response was to arrest of beat protesters sometimes to death. The second one was much more violent. Thats the short facts. If you regard forcing people out of their homes at gunpoint and confiscating their property wrong, then you could say that the land of Palestine was taken by "Jews" wrongfully (note that many Jews are anti-Zionists, i.e. against this project of forcing out non-Jews). If you regard taking land from people and forcing them into exile, and destroying their homes and villages BECAUSE they don't belong to a particular religion or ethnic group (in other words, ethnic cleansing) as wrong, you could say that land of Palestine was taken by "Jews" wrongfully.
Brittney Originally Answered: Israel vs. Palestine?
First, there has NEVER been a nation, country or even state called palestine. The Romans conquered Israel and ran them out and adding insult to injury the called the region palestine but it was never officially named palestine. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the British took the region over and being that Briton was once conquered by the Romans, the continued to call it palestine. Throughout all of this, Israel remained Israel. Israel has been in existence for over 3000 years. Far longer than most other countries in the world and there has never been an official people called palestinians until 1948. You're a troll cause you wouldn't have mentioned 1948 cause they all believe the palestinians have been around longer than Israel.

Alishia Alishia
yes Palestine never existed, R The people who call temselves Palestynians were bedouins , nomads that roamed around in the desert and lived in substandard condition, On the other hands, Jews always have lived there for thousand of years and those ourside from there always in their prayers allegedly mentionned to return next year to Jerusalem, So, the Palestinians now ;live around in camps in various Arab states. Gaza used to be part of Egypt for many years and kept in poverty , When Egypt was defeated in l967 it was occupoed by Israel, Actually compared to their fromer occupier, the Egyptians, the Palestinians were better off until they elected Hamas, which splirs with the other Palestinians, they just made an agreement to stop fighting with each other, The problem is that thefolks in Gaza are under the dictatorship of Hamas who want to destroy Israel, so looks like there never will be a Palestinian State as long as the Hams wants to destroy Israel. Better forget about the Palestians, they are always fighting witheach other or create conditions to beg for donation from other countries, They need to learn to gain skills, So far it looks like that it is a non stare,. Palestine neverexisted, you know,it is a myth.
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Unni Unni
If the response is poor here, you might ask the same question in another section "Travel/Africa/Israel". There are several regular contributors (some of them living in the areas you mention) who may be able to give you some background information. There was one lady, called Liora (I think) who seemed to have some good historical knowledge. I don't know if she still contributes. She certainly filled in some gaps in my acquired knowledge. Just googling "Gaza Massacre" seems to bring up sites which are full of political rant rather than historical facts..
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Unni Originally Answered: Israeli IT restrictions on palestine?
There is no country called Palestine. The government of Israel restricts the flow of "goods and people" between the outside world, the Gaza Strip, and Judea and Samaria because Hamas rules the Palestinians and is extremely violently hostile toward Jews and Israel. The IT sector is growing rapidly in spite of those restrictions. This doesn't surprise me and is what I expected because the whole world is falling under the spell of the Whore of Babylon and is being conditioned to accept the mark of the beast. "The Palestinian economy is small, relatively open, and dependent on access to foreign markets for trade. However, restrictions on the movement and access of goods and people between the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and external markets imposed by the Government of Israel (GOI) continue to have a deleterious effect on the private sector and limit economic growth. The de facto rule in Gaza of Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), combined with GOI restrictions on imports and exports, constrains private sector opportunities in Gaza." "The information and communications technology sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Palestinian territories, with an average growth rate of 25-30% since 2000, according to PA statistics. With a growing number of high tech-focused college graduates, one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the Middle East, and competitive salaries, software development and outsourcing are considered attractive sectors for potential investors." http://www.state.gov/e/eb/rls/othr/ics/2...

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