is it bad to end college essay with ".a dream come true"?

is it bad to end college essay with ".a dream come true"? Topic: is it bad to end college essay with ".a dream come true"?
July 20, 2019 / By Deirdre
Question: like end with: I am confident that the (name) is the right academic institution for me and that my insight, and fresh and creative ideas will leave a mark of success and help to lead me towards the career path that I have had my eyes set on as well. [end here or should i add--->Attending the (name of college) would be an absolute dream come true. or something like attending the (name) would not only be ________???? but also a dream come true. Any ideas of what to insert? or do colleges not like this? this is my DREAM SCHOOL!
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Bronte Bronte | 9 days ago
i dont no if colleges go 4 that r not, but since it IS ur dream school, myself, i wud use it. i wud just end it with--attending the (name) would be my dream come true. r u cud go step further--attending the (name) would not only be what I've been hoping and praying for...it would be my dream come true. (altho that 'may' b a little 2 far :-)
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Bronte Originally Answered: What should you talk about in an essay of your choice to your dream college?
It depends what the topic is (if they give you one), but generally colleges like to read something other than the standard cookie-cutter essay that most applicants will write. Be abstract, use your knowledge and don't sound like an idiot. They prefer creativity over structure, even use a little sense of humor if you can incorporate it well and if appropriate. Don't make it too long, some schools will even put a limit on how much you can write. Colleges get tons of essays they have to read through so it's better to be short and direct than long and extensive. Most of all they're looking for something that stands out and shows them who you are as a person. So put as much personality into your essay as you can. And don't forget proper grammar and spelling! Don't stress over it too much, think about what you're going to write over the span of a couple days or weeks. Most likely you will come up with new ideas everyday that you want to add into your essay. Jot them down and when you're happy with what you have then you can go to work. Best of luck!

Alissa Alissa
If you are applying to one of the following universities: Disneyland Disneyworld Fairy Tale University Once Upon A College School of Princesses and Princes Happily Ever After Academy Seriously? What you're ending with is very cliche...I can't imagine they would want that....Unless this is an essay about why you are applying to this paticular school.....I hope this essay isn't all about the institution and what the school will do for you but more about what you will bring to the institution....find a more personal, striking, and memorable way to end your essay because that's what the college essay is about - giving them insight on who you are as a person and making you a memorable applicant, someone that they want
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Urban Urban
a dream come true is too cliche. here are a few things i might say: attending this school would... fulfill my dreams turn my fantasy into reality be an amazing opportunity or you could go with like thank you for taking your time to review my application and moving me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of attending your school hope this helps(:
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Robert Robert
you can say it, and you should say it. they will be able to see that you say it with sincerity, as I have noticed and as you know. they would appreciate it.
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Robert Originally Answered: Is it true that if you dream something a lot it will come true?
That is sort of true, but it is very easy to go off not knowing what you are talking about. There is a law, called various things by various people, to the effect that you can have anything you want if you just keep trying. There are some requirements and disclaimers and sometimes it doesn't work and you don't know why. Here is the law as students have worked it out. (This comes out of bible study, so it may not make sense to non-bible people.) 1. It has to be available. 2. You have to know how to get it. 3. You have to know what to do with it when you have it. 4. There is always a price, and the price has to be be paid. 5. Go get it. There it is, do what you can with it. But please try to stay in touch with reality, because that is the only place it really works.

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