Why do teachers care so much?

Why do teachers care so much? Topic: Why do teachers care so much?
June 16, 2019 / By Deja
Question: Why do they care if we dont have a homework and why do they asked of why dont we have are homework? Why do some teacher give kids a harder time if they had their older brother or sister?
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Brook Brook | 10 days ago
I hate to throw in the age thing, but... You may not GET IT now, but your teachers (most) really do care about you. Listen to them and the ones above that gave some really great advise to you. You WILL understand more when you get older and I hope you don't say " wow, I should've listened, they were right". Because by then it will be too late. We're not saying this stuff to "scare" you, but it should. You will not stay young forever and you blow it now, you blow your future. It's up to YOU what you make of yourself and who and what you want to be when you grow up. If your friends tease you for wanting to learn and do better in school, ditch them. Leave them to get the jobs flipping hamburgers and you can grow up to be very successful!! Make right choices. Learn from other people's mistakes. You CAN BE whatever you want to be.
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Brook Originally Answered: Why do teachers care?
Let me address each one: 1) We do care about you being late to class or not being present. If you plan on having a career one day, it is never too late to learn punctuality. (Try showing up to work every day late and see how that goes. In the real world- your boss will care.) Teachers care about absences. If you aren't there, you won't know what was covered in class. We can't teach you if you don't show up. Also, in the real world, try calling into work whenever you "don't feel good" and see how long that lasts. If you plan on earning a paycheck one day, you have to be there. 2) We care about homework because it is a way for you to practice and for us to get a feel of what material you do and do not know. The teacher assigns it for a reason and wants it back on a certain day for a reason. Once again, in the real world, if your boss needs a report by a certain date, it must be there or your job might be on the line. 3) We care because we want you to be successful, but it takes effort on your part. We get paid because we want to try to help you be the best person you can be. We don't want to see you fail- honestly we don't. Teaching is more than just a paycheck. Some days are more challenging than others. Some days we get cussed out for just asking someone to behave. Every day we see students fail and it is because they don't put in the effort. Trust me- it is hard to see a kid day in and day out who just doesn't care when you know they have what it takes to be successful and they just hurt themselves in the end by not even trying. Just because we earn a check doesn't mean that automatically gives us an excuse to not care. *One question- Have you ever asked a children's cancer doctor "Why the hell do you care if he/she goes in remission or not?" After all, the doctor is still getting paid, right?

Alisya Alisya
I was a teacher for 10 years and have been a principal for five, and believe it or not I truly loved my students. I wanted them to go out and just kick a$s in the world. I cared that they didn't have their homework because I wanted them to have every oportunity to learn as much as they could while they were with me. I don't know about giving anyone a harder time because of a brother or sister, though. Maybe if the sibling was really great, the teachers have the same expectations?
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Uri Uri
Of course teachers care! They spend many hours with you every day. Teachers WANT to be with students that is why they choose their profession. Teachers don't just care if something horrible happens they care even if good things happen too!
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Robin Robin
Teachers care because they want you to learn. They care if you do your homework, because homework is usually a way for you to get better at a skill. If you don't do it, you fall further behind. I care when my students don't do their homework because, if they do it, they can become really GOOD at a certain aspect of English such as grammar or reading skills. The better you are at something the easier your life is. The less work you do, the more you will struggle and the more school will become frustrating to you as you progress into higher grades.
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Micha Micha
...because we want you to learn what we teach and, generally, most kids need a little practice! ...and we know how much easier it will be to understand what's going on in class, if you did your homework! ...we really DO have your best interests at heart! (at least, most of us do - I know there are some bad teachers out there, but there will always be bad people everywhere you go in life!) ...the thing about having an older brother or sister should never affect the way we treat you!
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Joyce Joyce
They care because they want you to have a future someday that doesn't involve the line, "would you like fries with that?" And the only way to do it is by having good grades. Heck, I'd worry if my teachers DIDN'T care. Because you know what, that means they don't think you're going to go anywhere in life. As for the sibling thing, I have no idea. They're probably just get the idea that you'll be like them or something... Which could be a good or bad thing.
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Harland Harland
They care because they don't want you to be working at McDonalds all your life flipping burgers or have a sucky life after you get out of HS so just get your stuff in and they won't yell at you. For the older siblings thing they're just trying to see if you're like the older sibling if not then it's a pain on the reciving end. I'm the oldest but my sisters are smarter then me so they're not going to have a hard time getting through school.
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Elbert Elbert
I care because it gives me an idea of how much the student and their parents care (I teach 1st grade). Sometimes students have legitimate reasons...sometimes they aren't so legit. But often times I give homework for practice, as well as to get parents involved in their children's lives. I suppose it is different with older students.
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Carlton Carlton
because they actually care about you. my moms a teacher, and she remembers every single student she had. why? because she genuinely loves teaching, and they hate seeing kids fail.
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Carlton Originally Answered: Why do teachers care if we skip classes or not?
I think it's so that we grow up as good people. In college it's our choice. It's our money that we're paying and if you skip well you can just fail the course and repay the money to retake the course. I think teachers are just training kids to just be good and do as they're expected. I have a very boring class, and it's a freshman class, and i'm a junior. It sucks. But do I skip? No. Is it pointless? Hell ya. What do I do? Other homework from other classes. Read a book. It passes by time and you get your homework done. For evry problem, theree's a solution! =) Belle!

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