I'm looking for someone to help with my essay.?

I'm looking for someone to help with my essay.? Topic: I'm looking for someone to help with my essay.?
June 16, 2019 / By Del
Question: I wrote it an all, but I was just looking for some honest feedback. The kid in my class that peer edited it was not helpful at all. He just handed it back to me and said "It was good." Don't you hate kids like that? I want someone to be brutally honest. It's 2 1/2 pages double spaced. If anyone is willing to take the time, I'd be extremely grateful! http://www.xanga.com/humbah That's where you'll find it. Compare and contrast two people, places, or things in order to arrive at either: (1) a specific and meaningful decision, or (2) a specific and interesting kernel of wisdom. Generate an interesting opening paragraph that poses the complex conundrum at hand (which might be serious, or trivial, or somewhere in the middle). If that link doesn't work, try this one http://www.xanga.com/humbah/606790721/it...
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Brooke Brooke | 1 day ago
I started reading your essay, and I noticed that you used the word "you" many times. I am an English teacher and this is one thing that I tell my students to avoid. When one uses the word you in an essay, the writer is making assumptions on the part of the reader. Using the word can be avoided by using wording as I did in the previous sentence--"one" or "the writer," etc. I thought you made some valid points, but I felt that you could have aimed for a more coherent approach--example, you wrote: Ask that roomful of second-graders what their favorite part of recess is and they will stare at you like a deer at headlights. Revised: For example, if a roomful of second-graders were asked to comment on their favorite part of recess, many would not even know the meaning of word. I left off the part "like a deer at headlights" because some teachers/professors frown upon the use of such phrases (colloquialisms). Some do not want students to use contractions in essays. Also look at the conclusion--Children today aren't that lucky? The last sentence doesn't exactly match up to the sentences leading to it--you say when you were a kid, etc., etc., etc. Maybe you could have a single sentence summing it all up before you use that final sentence (I hope that makes sense). By the way--I agree. Hope this helps--Good luck.
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Brooke Originally Answered: Read my essay, please. suggestions wanted. Essay is about two marriage proposals of Austen and Dickens.?
What a lovely, excellent, well thought out and proven essay. Wow! We don't come across this much on Yahoo! Answers. First, make sure you spellcheck ur answer. I saw a couple things. Also, make sure u look at ur sentences, are they complete or fragments? It seemed to me your thoughts were complete but were not expressed as complete sentences in some cases. Easy to fix. You did the work. I don't know when it's due,but making a few final adjustments could be the dif between A and A-. I thought your essay was very good. Thanks for sharing and thanks for doing the work.
Brooke Originally Answered: Read my essay, please. suggestions wanted. Essay is about two marriage proposals of Austen and Dickens.?
on your first paragraph, exchange the sentence- "Austen’s speaker is truthful mutually as Dickens’ speaker is egocentric. " i think of you purely made a typo or something. different than the this is especially reliable, nevertheless it incredibly is recommended to describe greater interior the intro approximately each and all of the characters. once you point out Austin, maximum folk will probable think of of Mr. Darcy's theory quite than Mr. Collins.

Alivia Alivia
You need to make your thesis clearer. I wasn't clear as to whether you wanted to make recess mandatory in schools or just comparing how childhood of now differ from the past.
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Uria Uria
I really want to help you but it comes back like "site may not exist", what is you essay about? I'm my self asking for help in my essay....
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Uria Originally Answered: I have to write a long essay using several books. Got any advice on information searching and essay writing?
It must be a contetnt research essay. Research Essay Research essay may be considered to be a subtype of an argumentative essay, or vice versa. Just like the argumentative essay, it is supposed to prove a certain idea; but its goal is wider and deeper than that. The writer here should not only take someone else’s point of view and prove it, but come up with an original idea to research on it and prove its correctness. The main features of research essay, therefore, are: Originality. You are free to quote anybody, but should use these quotes to drive your own point home. Rather narrow topic. Even large research papers don’t try to envelop the whole discipline; you with your limit of several hundreds of words should be much more specific. The presence of a particular idea to be researched and proved. You are not supposed to merely report on literature you have read. You should create something out of what you’ve read. Research essays are supposed to develop one’s ability to work with sources of information, compose your own thoughts into something original and perceivable, and prove your point of view. Thus, that is what you have to do while working on it. If any of these aspects are neglected, your teacher will be in full right to lower your mark. The rough outline of a research essay will be like this: Introduction. State your point, describe the methods you are going to use, the idea behind your work. If you can’t think of anything on your own, try taking other person’s idea or some part of it and further develop it, or approach a well-known problem from unusual point of view – e.g., try economical analysis when dealing with the description from a fiction book or something like that. Body. Just like in a persuasive essay, give at least three arguments in favor of your thesis, mention the scholars who had similar points of view, use facts, statistical information, quotations. Don’t forget to mention opposing argumentation, explaining why this or that idea is wrong or out of place. Conclusion. Give a summarized retelling of what you consider to be proved by your essay. Say why you think it to be the best solution of the problem. In conclusion, we may add that this type of academic writing is very much like persuasive and argumentative essays and many tips on writing them coincide. http://www.essay-writing-tips.com/types-... http://www.writemypapers.org/examples-an...

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