Anyone with kids.answer this fully for 10 points!?

Anyone with kids.answer this fully for 10 points!? Topic: Anyone with kids.answer this fully for 10 points!?
June 25, 2019 / By Delice
Question: I need this done for my health class. Just simply answer your first thoughts, but please number your answers. 1) Before you became a parent, what were your expectations about babies, children, and the parenting process? Were they accurate? Why or why not? 2) How do you think the quality of parenting your own parents gave you affected your ability as a parent? 3) What was your child like as a baby? How do you think this affected your relationship with the child? 4) If you have more than one child, what effect did their births have on your expectations for them and your relationships with them? 5) Did you find it hardest to meed your child's physical, psychological, social, or intellectual needs? Why? 6) What style(s) of discipline did you use with your child(ren)? If you used more than one, which did you find to be most effective? Why? 7) If you are a single or remarried parent, what have been the hardest issues and problems you have faced as a result of this? Two more! 8) If you could change anything about the way you have parented to this point, what would it be and why? 9) If you could give your child(ren) any advice about parenting, what would it be and why?
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Bryana Bryana | 3 days ago
1) I expected to be an example and to try to raise my child with any advantage I could give. Even though I waited until I was 35 to concieve, I was STILL not ready for how much WORK a baby is. It is a 24/7/365 job and NOT and easy one. 2) My parents were very generous financially, but really didn't stop to see things the way a child does and could be very harsh. I try to see things through my son's eyes. 3)My son was VERY easy going his first year. Hardly cried. Very sweet. If he had been more difficult, I think I would be burnt out by now. 4) I am only having one child. 5) I find meeting his social needs to be the hardest. I am no longer the "butterfly" I used to be and like to be alone or with my Hus or few close friends. I solve that by taking him to a very good daycare where he can interact with others. 6) Right now, while he is a toddler, we redirect and sometimes slap his hands. As soon as he is 2, we will use timeouts. Spankings will be reserved for VERY bad offenses. So far, redirection and distraction seem to work best. 7) I am not single or remarried, but if I were, I would have a hard time deciding when to let significant others meet my son. 8) I would have not allowed my son to start sleeping with us. I had a difficult recovery and I couldn't get up easily. At night when my Hus left for work, he would put my son and all of his supplies in bed with me. It was my only option at the time, but I wish it could have been different. 9) I would tell him to spend as much time as possible with his children. They grow up so fast.
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Allana Allana
1. That it was hard work. Yes, it is hard work. 24-7 2. I could not be as effective of a parent without my mom's influence in my life. I am suprised as how easy she made it look being a single mom. I don't know how she did it. 3. My son was really snuggly... in a good way. We spent lots of hours just being together. We have lots of family and he has formed strong bonds with lots of adults and think this has helped him to be the smart, funny kid he is now. 4. Only one son. 5. I think the psychological needs are tough. It is easy to meet physical needs if you have resources, social needs come easy for our family and extended family and the intellectual has always been a part of his life even prior to birth. But I wonder sometimes if I am "messing" him up. Will something I am doing or not doing land him in therapy in 10 years????? It is hard to gauge... so I just do the best I can and try to add humor into the situation when things are tough. 6. I would say that I have never really had to use much discipline. My son has a healthy relationship with both me and his dad and respect has been key to discipline since he was little. 7. Married to first and only husband. Father of my son. Love of my life.
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Urian Urian
1.I really was thinking of that. I didnt want to be a parent and never gave much though about it. i did know that I didnt want to be like my parents.too strict. 2.my parents did not contribute to the way I raise my kids. actually I do everything just the opposite. 3.my babies were great!!! they didnt cry much ,they didnt give me any major problems. good kids!!! 4..i expected my baby to be healthy, because I stayed away from drugs and alcohol, I was very pleased! 5.nothing is hard when delaing with your child. it is just the thing around your child that worries you. 6.I talk to my child. I take things away. I not let them go outside or talk to thier friends at home. 7.hardest issues are trying raise your son with no help , no money and family that doesnt help.
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Roddy Roddy
1. i didnt have expectations about what raising kids was like, i raised my sister... 2.i didnt have parents, i wanted to be the best parent possible and i am... 3.i have three kids, all three very diff... the oldest is his own man, very independant, (he's 21 now)... daughter independant and ready for college, (18), and youngest son is very into school and sports, (hes 10)... 4.birth had no affect on my "expectations for them" 5. it wasnt hard to meet ANY of their needs 6. i was more of a talker... never spanked... it was most effective 7. divorced, and its been easier for me since the divorce 8. i wouldnt change Anything 9. my advice to my kids would be : be patient, and loving
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Michaya Michaya
Yes they were acurate (1) good (2) he was so good (3) I love them all the same (4) no(5) honesty (6) none(7)
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Don't say "for a start" and "lastly" your paragraphs should flow smoothly and you should transition better than simple introductory phrases.

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