How can I provide predicted grades?

How can I provide predicted grades? Topic: How can I provide predicted grades?
June 20, 2019 / By Delight
Question: I am seeking admission in Undergrad class in US in fall 2007. But the International School Suppliment form requires me to submit predictive grades in A-Level or IB exams. My high school HM denied to supply predicted grade data. What shall I do. I am from India, and studying under the curriculam of West Bengal Higher Secondary Council.
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Bryanne Bryanne | 5 days ago
Send in the application with a note stating that your HM denied to supply predicted grades, but complete the rest of the application as usual. Not to be rude, but get someone to proofread your letter for proper grammar before you send it, since English is probably not your native language.
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Bryanne Originally Answered: My tax return was smaller than what turbo tax predicted?
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Alleen Alleen
in case you do go away them sparkling ask your referee to handle why you haven't any longer any expected grades of their reference or to show your previous AP rankings. It shouldn't look too undesirable in case you clarify. yet to verify consistent with risk you need to digital mail or telephone the proper admissions place of work at cam and ask them no count if or to no longer go away it sparkling. you will sense extra constructive understanding the place they stand on it and as powerful as ucas are, they'd't inform you each guy or woman unis determination for circumstances like this so its extra constructive to be risk-free. i think of its terrific to comprise the expected grade if in any respect conceivable because it supplies them extra to apply to decide your academic achievment.
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Utai Utai
www.ucas.ac.uk/candq/grades.pdf - myweb.tiscali.co.uk/mickswebsite/year1... - www.orangeacid.net/blog/200610/predict... - www.nohomers.net/showthread.php?t=5806... - www.homerton.cam.ac.uk/admissions/inte... - www.newmediamedicine.com/forum/showthr... - www.laredo.edu/admissions/LCC GPA Calculator.htm - osu.okstate.edu/acadaffr/aa/.../Guidet... - www.newmediamedicine.com/forum/showthr... - www.its.caltech.edu/~bartz/ec116/garl2...
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