Help with my new router?

Help with my new router? Topic: Help with my new router?
June 16, 2019 / By Delinda
Question: I just recently bought a router that was recommended to me, Linksys WRT160N V3. I followed all the steps to connect and it works. the problem is (and i measured) i walked 34 3/16 feet away into my room and boom. no connection, and my laptop, nor my ps3 can find the router. the only thing in the way of my router and my equipment is 2 walls and a bathroom (yes a small apartment). did i buy a crappy router or is there a way to increase the range for this particular model, because i feel like i got ripped off. thanks for the help. Also i was thinking of maybe getting netgear instead, everyone else seems to think it's good i just don't have the cash. thanks for the help. damn those walls! well ill let this one go on for a day or so. My question to those who are just answering... What router do you recommend for that kind of distance?
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Bunny Bunny | 8 days ago
First make sure the router is sited correctly. It needs to be as high as possible and clear of obstructions. This includes furniture, electrical equipment, metalwork and people. Definitely it should be above the level of the bath, as the plumbing will be earthed, and even plastic pipes containing water have a similar effect to earthed metal pipes. If the building has metal structures in the walls these area disaster for wireless signal. But if you get it out of line from those in the direction towards your machines it may solve the problem. A very small move can often change from no signal to full signal. Do not place it too close to any wall, reflected signal can cause signal cancelling at these frequencies. The machine should also be out of line with such obstructions. Is there a hot water tank in the way? another BIG wireless killer. If this fails you could fit a longer network cable to the router from the modem, since it is a cable router. I must admit I am not too impressed with Linksys lately, but it should work well enough at that distance. Anther option is to buy a wireless repeater which just connects to power, and place it between the router and the machines, this can be sited offset (in a different direction to the bathroom) and relays the signal. This could get your signal round whatever is obstructing signal.
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Bunny Originally Answered: My Wireless LINKSYS router gets disconnected after somtime. My router is WRT54G2?
hi. The best thing that you can do to fix the problem is to update the firmware of the router. If the firmware is already the latest, you can try to reset the router by holding the reset button at the back. If you would like to change the channel of the router, you need to access the router page. The default address of linksys routers is You can open Internet Explorer and then type that address. Once it asks for a user/password, you can put admin on both fields. Once you get in the router, just try to find the option that will change the channel. Honestly, if resetting the router or upgrading the firmware will not work, you might need to have the router replaced.

Alline Alline
If your router is less than a year old there will be no charge. Call Linksys tech support. I am not familiar with that Linksys router. I have the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router With SpeedBooster Model: WRT54GS Wired or Wireless Network Adaptor Vender: CISCO I use my laptop outside at least 500 feet away with no problem. Linksys Tech support 24/7 (800) 326-7114
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Uzal Uzal
"Broadband router" and "cable/dsl router" advise the comparable ingredient, in view that cable and dsl are 2 (of many) broadband approaches. d-link makes solid products. I certainly have 2 of their routers sitting precise next to me (besides the undeniable fact that I desire Linksys, for motives that have not something to do with employing their routers as routers). relating to the only adjustments i could make to the advice are a million) think of roughly getting a on the spot router. (you additionally can hook up with it by skill of wires, yet you have the alternative of employing on the spot.) and 2) shop around. Circuit city isn't undesirable, yet somebody else could have the comparable router for a chit.
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Rodney Rodney
Drill a big hole on your wall. Get a metal/magnet detector. Scan it on your wall and next to your router. There might be some kind of object inside the wall interfering with your router.
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Mike Mike
WiFi is still in its teething stages, And walls are notorious for interfering with the signal, as means to "boost" your range you could buy a larger WiFi aerial, And try having it pointed at different angles rather than straight up.
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Mike Originally Answered: Satellite internet and gaming(G-router V.S. N-router)?
yep sorry i was on a satellite connection once, and i had a 1100ms ping to the first hop on their network, that means gaming is unusable. even if they did allow you to join, you'd slow everyone else down, which isn't fair to them. I think your best bet is stock up on single player games, and try to move closer to the city and get on cable, fiber, or DSL. Oh that reminds me, keep checking with cellular providers, they are expanding their 3G and even 4G networks. you might be in range soon. a solid 3G connection might be fast enough for games. when I tether my cell phone to my computer to test "emergency internet" I get about 3mbps download and a 100ms ping, that's not very good but way better than satellite.

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