Which eating disorder would you characterize me as?

Which eating disorder would you characterize me as? Topic: Which eating disorder would you characterize me as?
June 16, 2019 / By Delores
Question: I have periods of binging and purging (vomiting) 1-2 times a day some weeks it will be every other day.. then I'll go on periods of restriction.. exercising off enough food to keep 2-500 calories in me.. sometimes I take laxatives though I don't take them as often as I used to.. I do take suppositories almost every day to help me go.. Im not underweight.. I'm 5'11-6 foot and I weigh 169 lbs..
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Cady Cady | 3 days ago
Eating Disorder NOS: typically begin in adolescence or early adulthood although they can occur at any time throughout the lifespan. Like anorexia nervosa and bulimia, EDNOS is far more common in females; however, among those individuals whose primary symptom is binge eating, the number of males and females is more even. Because EDNOS has not been studied as extensively as anorexia and bulimia, it is harder to gauge an exact prevalence, but estimates suggest that EDNOS accounts for almost three quarters of all community treated eating disorder cases Signs of EDNOS: are the same signs you would look for in anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Constant concern about food and weight is a primary sign, as are behaviors designed to restrict eating or compensate for eating (such as exercise or purging). For individuals who binge, most notable is the disappearance of large amounts of food, long periods of eating, or noticeable blocks of time when the individual is alone. Individuals who restrict often find the need to eat by the end of the day and the urge is so strong that it results in a binge. This binge can lead to guilt and shame the leads to purging, which may prompt the individual to promise to “do better tomorrow” by restricting. Cycles like this are consistent with EDNOS and bulimia, and can become very intractable if not addressed. Characteristically, these individuals have many rules about food -- e.g. good foods, bad foods -- and can be entrenched in these rules and particular thinking patterns. This preoccupation and these behaviors allow the person to shift their focus from painful feelings and reduce tension and anxiety perpetuating the need for these behaviors appropriately. Individuals with EDNOS are at risk for many of the medical complications of anorexia or bulimia, depending on the symptoms they have. Those who binge and purge run risks similar to bulimia in that they can severely damage their bodies. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration can occur and may cause cardiac complications and, occasionally, sudden death. In rare instances, binge eating can cause the stomach to rupture, and purging can result in heart failure due to the loss of vital minerals like potassium. Persons with EDNOS who are restricting may have low blood pressure, slower heart rate, disruption of hormones, bone growth, and significant mental, and emotional disturbance. Please go and get help this is not good
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Cady Originally Answered: Eating disorder.?
Anorexia nervosa is the medical term. This is a physical manifestation of psychological conflicts. For more information regarding this complex diagnosis, check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anorexia_ne... and this website also provides a detailed explanation http://www.anred.com/ Let us know how you did on the paper. Good luck.

Allyson Allyson
Don't be so rediculous. An eating disorder is an eating disorder and a mental illness which causes a harmful life threatening effect on the body which requires medical treatment both physically and mentally. That's all there is to it. However, judging by your stats, you sound overweight to me. You should regulary check your BMI online and make sure your healthy. You need to get these unhealthy diet ways out of your head, realise that this is only going to make you gain weight, trust me it will. You need to come up with a realistic diet you will stick to. This does'nt mean an apple for breakfast and two bananas for lunch. This means cutting out bad foods from your diet, eating proper healthy foods and in proper portions. I highly recommend you look in to going Vegan, I lost weight unintentionally eating like this, I feel great, full of energy and i feel healthy. I also recommend you stop eating crappy processed foods, junk foods etc. You'd be suprised how much yummy food there is that is good for you. Most of all you should ONLY eat when your are hungry and you should ONLY eat a meal the size of your fist at a time. And drink lots of water, and keep your insides clean and take vitamins. You need to find this amazing self love and self respect and then you'll be more willing to eat better and respect your body and not fill it will crap and i dont recommend diet pills or laxatives or anything nasty. You will only loose weight by a healthy mind and a healthy approach to food. If your having constipation problems, see your doctor and get real meds and dont abuse them. and as for exercise, well i hate that shizzle and never do it.
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Uzziah Uzziah
Although consuming issues are characterised by way of weight reduction, that's now not the basis of the trouble. Eating issues are extra approximately manage than wasting weight. People, most of the time younger females, flip to consuming issues, equivalent to bulimia or anorexia, in view that they believe they have got no manage over their lives. They flip to consuming issues in view that that's a variety of self-punishment that they believe they may be able to manage thoroughly. Unfortunately, that experience of manage might result in critical bodily harm past frame atrophy. For illustration, bulimics, who generally tend to vomit meals after consuming, harm their enamel from the belly acid that's regurgitated. They additionally lose many most important protein and minerals that might intent hair to skinny and fall out. Many humans with consuming issues do not even detect the harm they do to their our bodies, till it's too past due. These humans are highly fragile psychologically and want legit aid. Untreated, consuming issues might final for years, and in a few severe circumstances, result in a untimely loss of life.
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Rollo Rollo
Bulimia. I've done the same, and that's basically how I was like. I'm still on and off with the purging, and the horrible binging but yeah. Just because you're bulimic you don't necessarily lose a lot of weight all the time. It sucks:(
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Rollo Originally Answered: How do I get rid of my eating disorder?
Stress does cause people to overeat. It's easy to say, but try doing some yoga or calisthenics when you want to reach for something to eat. Or, ask your mom to keep chopped veggies in the fridge and snack on those. Another thing to try is see if there is a local chapter of Overeater's Anonymous in your area. They can really help you. Good luck!

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