I'm thinking of writing a new fantasy book and i need ideas?

I'm thinking of writing a new fantasy book and i need ideas? Topic: I'm thinking of writing a new fantasy book and i need ideas?
June 20, 2019 / By Demi
Question: I wanted to write a cool, creative and different fantasy books, but with no vampires involved at all, anyone have any ideas?
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Calanthe Calanthe | 10 days ago
How writers think "I have an idea--I should make it into a story", not "I want to write a story, now I need to beg for ideas".
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Calanthe Originally Answered: Ideas for a Book Title?
Warped is a really good idea! (: Stick with that, at least until you finish the book. Then you could change it if it turns out differently than how you expected.

Alvina Alvina
this just came to me in a dream last night: this guy buys some upgrade for his computer and as the days go by, he begins to find that his computer is for some reason getting smarter out of nowhere and surprisingly beginning to develop human characteristics. it starts to develop a personality that seems all too real. it's as if the upgrade put a person into his computer. it begins to have feelings and soon forms a bond with the man. at first they could only communicate through typing, then a sound, and then a face forms on the screen; a woman's face. the computer soon wants a body, the man gets some computer parts for it to use. it gets some appendages and soon is able to move about on its own. but soon it wants to be fully human. it soon gained the ability to program stem cells acquired by the man and the computer takes the form of a human with all-organic tissue. the being had a real, fully-functional brain and organs and everything. and the two lived out the rest of their lives together. i hope this idea is good enough. take it and make it your own. i don't usually have creative outbursts this vivid overnight so please consider this.
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Vergil Vergil
You should write a story because you have ideas. Asking for ideas is the wrong way to go about it for so many reasons. Please just stop relying on others and write a story yourself. Trust me it's far more rewarding when you think of a good plot for yourself. If you steal ideas off others you are not a writer at all, just someone who can copy.
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Ronnie Ronnie
As the others said, you need to think of your own ideas. However, it is a good thing that you don't want it to be about vampires. That has been overdone IMO.
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Ronnie Originally Answered: would these book ideas sell?
I appreciate your enthusiasm. I too, was very young and wanted to become a writer --- and loved Pokemon, too, but that's beside the point, and the only Pokemon around when I was a kid were the original 150, so that shows how old I really am. No one can really predict if your ideas will "sell." In fact, no publisher would buy your ideas until you have actually written the books/stories. Sadly, the publishing industry has gone by the wayside and it's increasingly difficult to get someone to just READ your manuscript. You sound awfully young. Don't worry just yet about selling your ideas. Instead, hone your craft, read a lot of books --- and not Pokemon books or "Twilight," but REAL works of literature to learn what makes great writing truly great. You sound old enough to understand "Catcher in the Rye" and "Fahrenheit 451" on a basic level; they're classic works of American literature and will show you how to craft interesting characters, worlds and situations (not to mention, they have great, simple dialogue.) I am about to graduate college with a writing degree, and I can honestly tell you from the ages of 11-18 all I did was read and write for practice (in between socializing and band practice, but whatever. You get the point.) So after you've read a ton of books and written a whole bunch, if you find yourself still interested in writing, go to college and major in literature or creative writing. Then, you may have a better chance of getting yourself published. Can't wait? Well, you can always write the story and self publish it on Lulu, but then, I think it'll only be your friends and family buying the book. Why not practice and take the next 10 years to become a truly amazing writer if it's something you really love?

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