why would she do this?

why would she do this? Topic: why would she do this?
June 16, 2019 / By Denise
Question: ok so i kinda had a crush on her, c, about a couple of months ago but it died out cuz she was dating somebody. I never told her i like her. i asked her friend if she who she like and her friend said that she was dating someone. it didnt last long. she broke up with him like a week after i talked to her friend. C always messes with me about the 2 girls i have asked out (they both rejected me). We talk almost everyday and help each other on homework and stuff like that. i like talking to her, idk if she likes talking to me. one of my best friends says she likes him but he thinks most girls like him idk if he's right or not. yesterday in ag, we were learing how to judge livestock and there is a chart you have to make. she made her best friend's chart and than she made mine. i said thanks and she said your welcome with a smile on her face. in 8th period, its more of a study hall but we just talk most of the time, she is always talking to me. she has been sitting by me the last few school days cuz my friend hasnt been there. she claims its to get away from this on kid who is really annoying but he has been sitting across the room away from her. and she talked to me for most of the period until my friend came and told her to move. she didnt want to. she sat there arguing with him for a few minutes but she finally gave up and and move a couple of seats behind me. Today during lunch when we were leaving, i was putt my book in my bag and she comes up behind me and put ice in my jacket than in our next class she kept looking at me. in 8th period my friend and i were having trouble with our agbra homework and since she's in our agbra class, i asked her if she could help us. She was showing us something about the graphs. i had my hand on the desk and she sat her hand on top of mine. im shy so i kinda jerk my hand back a little. i didnt mean too, i just reacted. i catch her looking at me through out the day ( like at lunch and in class) and when i talk to her she looks at me in the eyes. when i ask her for help (which is not a lot because im in the top 10% of my class) she helps me as best as she can and she usually comes to me form help. So why would she do this?
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Callie Callie | 6 days ago
She likes you. She's helping you because she wants to be nice and show you that she is a good person and I'm sure she just really genuinely is a NICE person. The way she put her hand on yours is also a real big sign. I don't blame you for being scared and pulling away but you didn't mean to, honestly it might have made her feel a little bad since she probably likes you. So overall yes she does like you, you can just tell. I'm a very shy person but since its very obvious she likes you, tell her you didn't mean to pull your hand away and it was just your reaction. If I were you I would do that.. you don't have to though. Throw some signs back at her!
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Alysha Alysha
I think she likes you, but of course don't be so certain without really getting the answer from her.
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Vick Vick
Aww she likes youu <3 Please Answer mine http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai8ijw93oWn1RkN1I9UzhCjAFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130108145958AAVEyhV
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