How can I decide what subject to study for my masters degree?

How can I decide what subject to study for my masters degree? Topic: How can I decide what subject to study for my masters degree?
June 25, 2019 / By Derby
Question: I am currently studying computer engineering. I am very good at programming (in my university), I play 3 instruments and I draw. I've won the first place in a web design contest worldwide. I love programming a lot. My advisers say that I'm the best student at university but my GPA is 2.54 (over 4). I also like solving problems very much. I write programs everyday (solve questions a www.topcoder.com). I know about 10 programming languages. But I'm only very good at Java and Python. So I'm thinking of studying a subject which contains programming, problem solving, music and drawing. Is it possible? The largest internet portal in my country offered me a very good salary for a web designer position. But even I enjoy it I don't want to do only designing. I am an engineer and I want to do engineering stuff. I want to do research, invent stuff, teach people what I know, write books etc... I don't just want to go to one direction and leave music or drawing. I'm scared of loosing my talents. Please give me some advice. (I'm 23)
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Caltha Caltha | 7 days ago
Your biggest problem is going to be your GPA. Most grad programs require at least a 3.0 to apply, and expect a 3.5 or higher. Your current GPA is a failing GPA in grad school, no matter how good you are at programming. If you really want to get a masters, you have to pull it up significantly. If you can't, well, there's always that job offer you got.
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Caltha Originally Answered: How can an Indian graduate with 10+2+3 yrs of study apply for a US masters which demands 10+2+4 yrs of study?
once you finish masters,after three year.it is same.once i was looking professors list of one university there was professor`s name with degree,Name.BAphd.i asked some one how it could be,answer was there ,in BA in some subjects you have to write thesis in BA, and thesis becomes so vast, they give you phd.

Alysia Alysia
What I do strongly recommend you do is work for a couple of years, either doing the job you were offered, or a different one. Use that time to explore career options, and explore which grad degree you might want. Keep in touch with your professors at your current university, so that when the time comes for you to apply to grad programs, you can use them as references. Not only will working for a bit give you more direction and persepective on career possibilities/grad school options, it will also make you a stronger candidate for grad school. This is especially true because your overall GPA is a 2.54. That's not strong enough for a lot of grad programs, so you'll need to make sure your application is very strong in other ways to overcome that. Working, gaining experience can be one way to do that. Having very strong professor recommendations is another. You absolutely are going to be able to find a grad program that will allow you to combine all your talents - music, drawing, and computer engineering. One example may be for you to get your grad degree in computer science/user interface design. There are other options as well, but give yourself a bit of time to explore them. Keep in mind that your first job out of school is simply that - your first job. It probably won't be ideal - it won't give you everything that you need - but it will be a good first step.
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Victor Victor
quite impressive. don,t fear you will never lose talents, you will only get better, I wish I knew how to program, Maybe I should invent another language, only I would know. By the way you should consider the offer. in future check out coopimagination . com that is me. we seem to have similar interest. good luck and best wishes to you.
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Rowland Rowland
Master of Business Administration (MBA). With this you can keep your options open, and work in the field you find most attractive after you finish your degree. This will allow you to make better decisions.
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Rowland Originally Answered: Masters degree but no job?
Could be what you're studying. Getting degrees to collect pieces of paper isn't a great career plan. Generic master's are no better than generic BAs - you still have to work to define how those skills are useful in the marketplace, and there's no market for the sociology of the 16th century Russian folk music scene save to teach precisely that. Doing such esoteric research does however make you able to do complex research, analyze material, present that in written and oral forms to experts, learning how to learn more, etc. All that's transferable to a general career job where you'll just have to learn something useful for a change.

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