country music report?

country music report? Topic: country music report?
June 25, 2019 / By Despina
Question: hey I'm doing a report on why we should listen to country music compared to other kinds of music..........What I've got so far is this:it's not vulgar,it doesn't scream at you,most have good family quality's...............any other good ideas?(it needs to be a page and a half so i need a lot of good reasons.
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Cammie Cammie | 3 days ago
Country music covers every topic that there is. It can tear at the heart, in one song, then in another have you laughing. Every song even the humorous songs, has a story behind it, of some type if a person takes time to look deeper into the lyrics, and see what the song really is. Country music also at some level has at least one or more sings, or one, or more singers that more than ninety percent of music fans enjoy listening to even if the rest doesn't appeal to them. Country music is a common denominator for many people at some level whether they'll admit it, or not. Yet many are afraid to admit it, lest someone try and pigeonhole them with the Hollywood stereo type of who, and what the fans are of country music. Country music has not only influenced artists outside of it's genre, but has left it's impact on them as well. By listening to country music you can see where it had the impact on early rock and roll. So those who truly want to know rock music, and it's history can't ignore country music, it's influence, and impact on it. Country singers have influenced singers in other genres, and is also one of the main roots to rock and roll music. Also the song writers have had their share of influence on other song writers of other genres. I can cover the last two with two names. Hank Williams, Sr., and Johny Cash. Johnny Cash when used his television show, and promoted other singers/song writers such as Bob Dylan, which went against the advice of Nashville music executives. Country guitarists such as the late legendary Chet Atkins has influenced guitarists in every genre around the world. Guitarists such George Harrison of the Beatles, or Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, John Knowles, Australian classical style guitarist Tommy Emanuel, and many others. Some of these even played with him. So if people want top know where some of their favorites got their influence playing the guitar, if they do a little research and digging his name will come up somewhere. I'm not going to write your paper for you although it would be easy enough to do. But hopefully I've given you something more of a base, to expand upon.
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Cammie Originally Answered: What are the technical differences between country music and blues music?
You're correct. Blues & Country have more in common than they do that separates them. This is because they're development was almost completely interdependent. Virtually all the giants of country music (Jimmie Rodgers, A.P. Carter, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, etc.) were mentored by black musicians. Perhaps the critical difference is that Country drew much more heavily from the well of Anglo-Celtic ballads, broadsides, etc. (I.E. "folk music") than it's Blues brother did.

Amalea Amalea
Oh my god your so lucky. I wish they were smart enough at my school to assign a paper on this topic. It would really teach some of the kids what is important in life, cause they would have to listen to some country songs. Anyway, country music has been around for a lot longer than other most other types of music in North America. There for, it influenced most other genres. You could go way back to the carter family and jimmie rogers, where it all started. It talks about things that are important, the way things used to be, it proves that the entire world has not gone crazy, like everybody says. But if I were you, I would focus on the older country music, because some of the newer stuff is just like rap or pop.
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Wade Wade
Many country music stars are patriotic and support the troops, i.e. Toby Keith, Zac Brown ("free") and there are others. Country music is, along with jazz, a purely American form of music. Most country music stars are Americans(except maybe Keith Urban who is Australian), so it creates jobs for Americans, not only the singers but the musicians,writers, roadies, etc. Some songs are about God and good morals and the simple life (i.e., Josh Turner, "Everything is Fine"). There are 4 ideas for you. Do some more research on the artists I mentioned and their songs that support the ideas and you should have enough for your paper.
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Royle Royle
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Morley Morley
-People can relate to a lot of country songs. -People give it a bad rep, therefore people assume they don't like it because they think all country music is the same and that it's all twangy.
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Morley Originally Answered: Which country should I do my report on?
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