I really need help and advice Ill appreciate any help?

I really need help and advice Ill appreciate any help? Topic: I really need help and advice Ill appreciate any help?
June 16, 2019 / By Destinee
Question: So basically i got a 4 month old kitten (tigger) last month, it was a impulsive thing because i've had a cat before but never had this much trouble. So my problem is that i have a bit of a annoying cat which is fine by me but i live in a small flat with my gran and mum and they are annoyed by her adventures at night and i know that they are not her biggest fans. The problems i have with this cat is: - she keeps me up at night -she follows me everywhere sometimes -she meows at night to go out but cant let her go on balcony at night because i need to know if shes safe and if i am asleep i cant do that -she always plays with my mum which my mum doesn't like whilst she is busy organizing stuff I know that this is normal behavior but what i need to know is whether i made that right choice because i live in a small flat and me and my mum usually argue about the cat because she thinks she is crazy lol and she sometime says "give her away" when angry but even though i would do right by my mum i dont feel that i can give her up but on the other hand i dont know if i am responsible or patient enough to look after her I dont know how to reply to my own question im new to this sorry But thanks i think i just have to be more patient because i've become attached to her and i love animals we'll see how everything goes lol
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Camryn Camryn | 4 days ago
This is all part of having a kitten. They need entertainment, and stimulation, and expect you to provide that if there isn't another kitten for them to play with. Another kitten would solve the problem, but that might not be possible for you. What I would suggest is that you spend more time playing very actively with her - get a wand toy and/or fishing pole toys. Play with her - hard! - for good long play sessions, a couple each day. Especially play with her at night so that she's good and tired, which will help her sleep through the night. That - and allowing time for her to grow up - should help very much!
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Camryn Originally Answered: Need some advice please?
her parents should be happy that someone like you took her in and made sure she was going to be fine.....this is a hard situation for any parent to go through but they should be glad that you helped their daughter go through these struggles. i dont know what to say...in the advice part.... just make sure you have a strong point that makes them realize that without who knows where their daughter would be. wish you luck!!!

Amalee Amalee
You don't sound patient enough, cats are noctural they always like to play at night and they will bug you about attention day and night. Find someone who can give your kitten the time and attention it needs, maybe someone who has another cat so it can have a companion. Your family should come first before any animals, you need to look at your priorities.
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Wainamoinen Wainamoinen
try and keep your cat busy with something. Indoor cats should always be entertained. You could buy or make one of those climbing poles for cats, so that she gets enough exercise and she doesn't bother anyone. Make sure you spend enough time with her daily too.
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Royston Royston
ok your cat might be in heat, which is normal if he/she is not fixed then you should fix them that should fix the problem, if not then its the love that you share with your cat
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Royston Originally Answered: I am 13 and gay. I need advice!?
Notes are a bad way to go, a last resort. Why is it anyone's business at school anyway? Don't you value your privacy? Since you have a brother who is gay, he is the natural person to advise you on your parents. But don't do the note thing.

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