R&P: How Honest Can You Be?

R&P: How Honest Can You Be? Topic: R&P: How Honest Can You Be?
June 16, 2019 / By Destiny
Question: I wanted to ask this as a follow up to Howling Glory's amazing question about making an inflammatory statement earlier. So, now that You have gotten your rants all out of your systems I am going to ask you to do something that may be harder. Say something good about a band You really dislike. Be honest. Here's an example I do dislike The Beatles, their music is too sugary for my taste. But I respect what they did for music and respect their sheer talent. The made Rock what it is and opened the door for everything that came after. Can You do that? Do You have musical honesty in You? Go! Poppy I'd like to apologize if I seem rough with You and Magic. It really really really is nothing personal
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Candace Candace | 5 days ago
I strongly dislike Katy Perry. BUT, I heard that her lyrics are inspired by real life events, and according the them, I've experienced everything she did!
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Candace Originally Answered: Be honest!?
Honeslty Religion is the key problem for all the major Wars or battle that's happening in the world. Religion makes you think in just one direction and only for a specific group of people which inturn creates more Ethnic groups which leads to jealously among different ethnic groups/Relgion which forms into small battle and leads to hatredness and they blame it in name of Religion and God. again its a stupid Cycle of hating eachother. Also this is because you are choosing to take an easy way of dealing things indirectly you are committing a horrible Crime which is intangible and i.e., being IGNORANT to all the issues and you dont want to solve it by yourself but want to pass it on. This is one of the biggest SHAME being or acting as an Ignorant huaman being. Yes the World will be much better without Religion, people will stop committing crimes and being Ignorant of their duties. Humans have a God given Religion and its called "HUMANITY". Once this Religion sinks in every human soul's brain, this world will be a great place to live, with Healthy and meaningful Competitions with positive Results.

Amaliya Amaliya
I get a bit of flack for it, and I don't want to say that I "really" dislike Them Crooked Vultures, but I still believe the concept to sound better on paper. There is no denying the overload of talent: I love Josh Homme, Kyuss are the bees knees, Queens of the Stone Age are fantastic. John Paul Jones, 'nuff said. And Grohl is a very talented musician. But the overall sound just doesn't jive with me. It tears me in different directions, I feel like I can't even explain it. I saw them at Coachella this year and felt the same way. I think a bit has to do with Jack White's side group Dead Weather's 'Horehound' which preceded TCV by a few months. Very similar style, but much more raw and sludgy. And then the newest album just hooked me right away. And they put on a way better show the next day at Coachella. Maybe I just prefer the rawness over the overpolished sound.
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Walker Walker
I don't know.. again.. go ahead and blame the Aspie in me, but I don't see why it is hard to acknowledge the good even in a band you hate. Likes and dislikes are based on taste.. and everyone's tastes are unique and subjective... you don't learn to like something. Brussel sprouts are good for you..it's a fact..but to me they still taste like the devils Bunghole. And so it goes with music. that said.. there are far more bands that ANYONE dislikes than ones they actually like..... and I am no different. So let me start with a simple one..... SUICIDE SILENCE.... they...er...wait..no..they really are just that bad. *SIGHS* okay..here goes........ Slipknot's Iowa album, while not my cup of tea was actual very well done and clever, though I still feel their subsequent work was far less original and more gimmicky. See? Eet can be done! There are actually far more bands out there that I can respect.. but I just don't "feel" their music. It does not speak in Peach-enese as it were. KorN's first album? Actually extremely original and noteworthy... that said I still hate KorN. Pop music CAN be good... it just rarely satisfies me. Also.. sometimes it is enjoyable to make a comment that is stronger than how you really feel, because milquetoast and lukewarm comments and questions do not stir controversy or debate, where as strong opinions either way are polarizing. Hence the genesis of many of my comment's on Howling Glory's question. And yes.. Nickleback still is that bad too.
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Rube Rube
Honestly I can't, there is no band that I dislike, that I can think off, and if I did have a band I disliked it would be a person I disliked, I would never have anything good to say about it. Once I disliked something I never go back whether it be music or people. Some mucis may not be to my taste but that does not mean i dislike it. It's just plain not my tast. good question by the way. take care dave
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Rube Originally Answered: Men, be honest with me if you can?
I am not a man but I read your problem and I can sympathize. Although I don't think that it's time to jump off the deep end yet, he was being an ******. I'm not saying its okay or that he isn't cheating, but I think before you play all the cards you have you should talk to him like the loving wife you claim to be. Don't accuse. Flirting is much different than actual cheating, yes it still hurts but assuming he is cheating or planning to cheat and then accusing him of it will only push him closer to it if he actually is considering it. Sit down and express your feelings gently at first. Maybe he doesn't realize he's making you feel this way. Maybe he will change his actions. Maybe he won't... maybe he will cheat. The only thing you can do to control the situation is to be a good person and make sure he knows that you have noticed a change for whatever reason. But like I said, just take a deep breath and realize that sometimes we can be wrong... women are smart but not always right :)) Hope this helps.

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