What is the best engineering branch for the future?

What is the best engineering branch for the future? Topic: What is the best engineering branch for the future?
June 16, 2019 / By Deven
Question: I am a senior now trying to pick a major for college. I seem to be interested in all the major branches (civil, electrical, computer, mechanical...) but i dont know which one to pick... Which field has the best future in terms of growth and job guarantee?
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Candice Candice | 7 days ago
Dear The selection of branch would be highly subjective and would vary from person to person. For example, if someone has a very theoretical approach, kind of stuck with paper and pencil, then Computer Science, Electrical/Electronics would be best for them. If someone is more of a practical kind of person, into machines, then mechanical or aerospace would be good. The extreme practical approach would be required in Civil like branches, the scope for which by the way has increased recently again and is not to be ignored. I'm electronic engineer.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis
Computer engineering is the fastest growing (you can find many articles, even on yahoo about this) or Chemical engineering. Chem eng is a very versatile degree as once you graduate you can do most things that other engineers can do (minus computer engineers). As far as pay goes...Chem eng average is 60-70 starting, computer is around the 70s, electrical is 55-65, mechanical is 50-60 and im not sure what the others are. These are statistics found from actual job offers given to people this year at my university. Things to note: I have a friend who got a 107k job offer as a Chemical engineer and I have a friend who has a lot of programming background but no actual degree who got offered 133k to go work for Chevron.
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Wallis Wallis
Chemical or environmental engineering would probably be the best branch for the future. With the high demand for energy, people are looking for efficiency more than ever. This field is definitely the best for growth, but there will also be competition in the job market.
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Rudolph Rudolph
Civil is always good because bridges, highways, dams, ect always need to be repaired and fixed up. In terms of growth probably environmental. Environmental engineers do a lot of work in developing countries, so there will always be work. Honestly though, do not pick on based on job security, you need to enter an engineering field that interests you. You will go crazy studying a discipline that you do not enjoy.
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Mortimer Mortimer
Chemical is pretty steadily in demand. Biomedical is not as common for undergrad degrees but has huge growth prospects. There will always be lots of high-paying R&D type jobs for good BMEs, although many of them require advanced degrees (MS/PhD), and BME is always growing. There will always be a need for all the disciplines, though. EE, civil, ME, MSE, CS, CE, BME - all will be needed in the future. Job security is totally related to your specialty, though. If you become an RF analog circuit designer working at a DoD contractor like Northrop Grumman, you will have huge job security, etc.
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