What are my chances of getting into UT Austin?

What are my chances of getting into UT Austin? Topic: What are my chances of getting into UT Austin?
June 26, 2019 / By Devon
Question: I really want to go to UT and I've already applied but im nervous about not getting in. Here are some details about the things ive done in high school: Class Rank- 49/450 (top 11%) Organizations- Band all 4 years: Held positions all 4 years and Drum major Senior year NHS- President STAND (Students Taking A New Direction) Business Professionals of Amerca Leadership Initiative- Head Trainer and Director of Cross Exmination Category National Hispanic Institute-was elected to Senate Rural Talent Search Yearbook Staff all 4 years-Section editor and awarded Most Promising Staffer Quill and Scroll (Honor Society for High School Journanlists) and about 350 volunteer hours per year so about 1400 hours throughout high school plus a bunch of awards *I did all the essays even the optional ones and I have a great letter of recommendation from a UT alum. I chose Sociology as my major Thanks! I am an in state student and my SAT scores are 1700
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Candis Candis | 9 days ago
Last year there were 23,000 applicants for 8,000 openings in the freshman class. Most of those who were admitted came from the top 10% of their class. You don't say if you are a Texas state resident or not. If you aren't a resident, then you probably will NOT get in. What are your test scores like? (SAT/ACT) The rest of your resume looks really good -- long term committments (band, yearbook) plus leadership positions (band officer, drum major, NHI) plus volunteerism. I think it will boil down to how many of the states top 10%ers apply to Texas, then how many of those accept their 'acceptance.' Good luck and Hook 'Em!
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Candis Originally Answered: Can i get into ut austin?
If you live in Texas your rank alone will get you in. I would not worry too much about a practice SAT score... by the time you get to your junior year, your score will be higher, especially if you take a prep course or read through a prep book. IF you keep your GPA and IF you keep your rank (don't count on these, junior and senior year are much harder), I believe you have a good chance of getting in to UT Austin. Your chances are even higher if you are in state. Your extra curriculars are fantastic, but are lacking in sports - is there an athletic interest you can pursue? Especially a unique athletic interest. Overall, keep doing what you are doing and you will have given yourself the best chance possible of getting in. After that, admissions just takes a bit of luck.
Candis Originally Answered: Can i get into ut austin?
If you continue to do this well, I would say your chances are very good. However, the best way to find out is to visit their admissions website, and find out what their admissions standards are. Here's a link to that site: http://www.utexas.edu/student/admissions... By the way, my brother attended UT Austin back in the late 1960's for a year. He studied art there during his freshman year. But I also have a niece who turned traitor and decided to go to the University of Oklahoma in Norman on a full National Merit Scholarship, although she could have attended UT Austin, or any college or university in her home state, which is also Texas. Go figure! Good luck with your application.

Ambrosia Ambrosia
You didn't say what your GPA is, but based on what you've said, I think your chances are good. UT-Austin is fairly competitive for admissions, but you have a good resume there. How are your SAT scores?
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Walt Walt
I think you will get in! With all your awards and things you praticpated in you will most likely get it. Good luck! :D
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Walt Originally Answered: Getting into UT-Austin and Texas A&M?
You have a good chance if you apply early. However, because current state university admissions laws require them to accept top 10% applicants, there is a possibility you might not get in. If this happens, don't freak -- just enroll at your 2nd choice, go there and make straight A's then try to transfer in after a couple of semesters. Best of luck to you!! UT and A&M are great schools but there are many others that are good in the great state of Texas!!

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