I am a full time college student who cannot drive, how can I earn money from home?

I am a full time college student who cannot drive, how can I earn money from home? Topic: I am a full time college student who cannot drive, how can I earn money from home?
June 16, 2019 / By Diana
Question: I really do not want to sign up for any of those "get paid for survey" sites or start an ebay store because I don't have a credit card. I like to make jewelry and I am a graphic designer but it's hard to advertise around this small town. I am not opposed to babysitting but it is hard for me to babysit because of my class schedule. What is the best ways I can go about making a little income by being at home when not in classes?
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Cara Cara | 4 days ago
How do you get to class? Can you bike to a work site? Can you walk to a work site? Can you take public transportation or car pool to a work site? I'm trying to expand your options so you aren't limiting yourself to staying home. Can you type term papers for other students? Can you babysit on weekends? Can you mow lawns? Shovel snow? Paint houses? I mention these last three because we have a college business at a local college which signs students up to mow, shovel and paint for homeowners in our town.
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Cara Originally Answered: How can a professional become a full time college student again?
You might start with online or evening courses--I would suggest taking one course the first semester (probably English) just to get the brain going again. Most CCs now offer evening, online and cable courses, and they count just as much as daytime regular courses. You can do this for awhile, and then you must attend full-time day school at some point. I would save money for this, and possibly work PT at something on or near campus (depends on your professional work). Probably the only financial aid you can get would be loans, so I would minimise those. If you get enough credits at the CC, you will NOT usually need the SAT to get into school. I wouldn't take the SAT until you have taken at least English and whichever math you into which you place. It's scary but very worthwhile (I've done it more than once, in fact). It takes getting used to, so don't rush it and jeopardise your grades.

Ami Ami
start selling something on ebay... Ebooks can be a good source to begin with .. producing them doesn't cost a penny and neither does shipping...and they are quite popular with the ebay community. A lot of people are selling ebooks to make money. You can find out more by searching ebooks on ebay and see what others are doing.. look for powesellers who are selling ebooks and try to follow what they are doing...It is said that emulating successfull people brings success..:) good luck
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Warren Warren
I am in a home based business, and it really works. I would love to tell you how it works you can contact me at [email protected]
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Ryan Ryan
You can get a job. FAFSA does not care how your parents spend their money, it is based on how much they bring in.
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Ryan Originally Answered: Full time college student, any benefits?
It varies somewhat by state, but as a young adult with no disabilities and no dependents, probably not. The fact that you are a full time college student alone would generally disqualify you. In some states, college students who are employed at least 20 hours per week can qualify for SNAP (food stamps), but that's not true everywhere. In general, it's considered that being in college is a voluntary situation and you shouldn't receive benefits if you are capable of working but choose not to (I know, I know...there aren't any jobs. But by being a full time student, you're saying that you're not available to take work as openings occur). Have you applied for federal student aid (i.e. the FAFSA)? If your parent is very low income, you may qualify for a Pell grant, and you certainly will qualify for a certain amount of student loans. If your eligibility for aid is more than the cost of your school, you will receive a refund that can help pay for your living expenses. If your mom is willing, she can apply for a parent PLUS loan for an amount up to the cost of attendance at your school. This COA includes the school's direct charges, such as tuition and fees, but also indirect costs such as living expenses. You'd have to pay it back, of course, but it could help to pay your expenses while you're in school. The PLUS loan is based on credit, so your mom would have to be approved, but if she is not, you will be able to borrow at a higher level in your own name, so that might help, also. Of course, if you're attending a very low cost school, you're more likely to receive a refund, so if you're attending a high cost school, you may want to think about transferring to one that is closer to your budget. Good Luck!

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