Who here thinks it's fair for high school teachers to give you homework without teaching the material?

Who here thinks it's fair for high school teachers to give you homework without teaching the material? Topic: Who here thinks it's fair for high school teachers to give you homework without teaching the material?
June 16, 2019 / By Dianna
Question: My teacher is always giving my class homework without teaching it, and the book we have does not help us AT ALL. It's really making me crazy right now. I've spent the past FOUR HOURS on ten stupid problems, and I'm about to cry. I still have lots of work for my other classes and I'm tired of this crap. I should not have to waste my time doing this when I could be finishing my project and doing other homework. And I'm one of those people who HAVE to finish one thing to move on to the next. It's making me extremely mad and I'm about to have a panic attack. This really affects my sleeping patterns too, as well as my grades. Will someone give me some comforting words please? I'm upset.. Thank you guys, and I understand why he does this, but I just have trouble finding the answers to these questions since all of these things are completely new concepts to me. But I'm just going to go early in the morning tomorrow to ask him how to do them, because it bothers me that I can't do it(even after reading the book and going on online physics sites)! I feel better now, though, so I appreciate your input. :)
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Best Answers: Who here thinks it's fair for high school teachers to give you homework without teaching the material?

Caren Caren | 7 days ago
Don't let it upset you... Try and calm down. Go and take a glass of water. Listen to your favorite songs for a bit. It's not worth having a panic attack. Every time you feel oppressed by your homework, you could just pause for a bit, breathe deeply, and resume your work. Don't worry, everyone goes through this at one point of their studies, so you're definitely not going to have a breakdown. It's all right. What you could do: - talk to the teacher about it. Don't be afraid, he's a human being, he's not going to bite your head off! - study with your friends. It saves a lot of time because you're all helping each other by exchanging ideas and point of views on the problems. - go the your high school's library to find appropriate books and material. - join online study groups on forums.
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Caren Originally Answered: who else thinks teachers give out way too much homework?
Yes, even teachers realize they give a lot of homework but it is not their choice. Under the No Child Left behind laws, every student has to pass certain tests or the teacher can lose his/her job. To make sure you learn all this stuff (some is junk) they have to give lots of homework. There just is not enough time in a school day for you to do it all in the classrooms. You may think teachers have it easy but that is not the case. Even with families & homes, they take work home with them every single night, & week-end. During holidays & summers, teachers are having to take classes just to keep up with their Cont. education credits which they are required to have. This is all done on their own time & out of their own pockets. Most teachers don't make enough money for what they do. They teach because they want to. So before you start complaining about teachers, think about being one & see if you'd like that job. Also think about what the world would be like without them.

Amilia Amilia
I am a instructor and I might now not help a ban on homework. Homework is assigned within the international locations we're trailing at the back of. Students in the ones Asian international locations which are stereotyped for being so clever paintings very difficult in and after institution. Many pupils move to institution after institution in areas like Japan. Homework isn't the intent pupils are failing. The schooling is failing in view that we do matters like this- reduce the bar to the weakest hyperlink within the chain- and keep on our manner. We monitor pupils as early as basic institution and this influences their schooling via prime institution and past. We do not deal with deficiencies in writing and studying talents (middle talents that permit youngsters to be trained in each and every different field) as they arise and we allow them to construct as time is going via. If a pupil is a yr at the back of in first grade, and 2 years at the back of via 3rd, and so forth, must we assume them to capture up after they get into prime institution? No. It has been proven that larger expectancies and transparent-reduce school room instructional materials significantly upgrade the efficiency of pupils in even the roughest of places. Not enabling homework with no trouble hurts the pupils who improvement from it and lowers the expectancies of individuals who don't get help at house.
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Wat Wat
It's absolutely fair. Your teacher is trying to get you and your classmates to think and reason for yourselves instead of relying on some book to give you the answers.
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Sachie Sachie
If you have to be spoonfed information by a teacher you don't really learn anything try reading the book, then you will already know what you need to know.
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Murdoch Murdoch
There is nobody here or around my place. Please search in your school itself for a suitable person.
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Murdoch Originally Answered: how come in special ed in high school the teachers give you very easy?
You should know that teachers, parents, and principals spend a lot of time thinking and talking about the issues you raise here. Since all of them care about education, the arguments get pretty hot sometimes! I think I hear you saying that the work you are given to do in the special education classroom is too easy *for you*, that you are ready for bigger challenges, and motivated to catch up to your general education peers. I'm also going to assume that you are in the USA. If you're in a different country, the laws are going to be different. Even if you are in the USA, state laws, school district procedures, and the way people talk about this stuff may be a little different. For example, there's a teacher who runs your IEP meetings. I've heard people call this person an "IEP coordinator", "care coordinator", "variance teacher" or "index teacher". Whatever you call this person, he or she is the one who has to make sure the school addresses your individual needs. When you turn 18--most of the time--parental rights transfer to you. This means instead of getting your mom, dad, or guardian to sign paperwork or come to meetings, you get that responsibility. Even if you are not yet 18, it sounds like you are ready to play a bigger role in decisions about you. Congratulations! If I were there, I'd shake your hand. You may still need your parent or guardian's help to get what you need, but I'm guessing the school will be more than happy to have you come to meetings and become a part of the big decisions that need to be made. 1) Ask your parent or guardian to show you a copy of your IEP. Tell them you want to attend IEP meetings and other meetings at school about you from now on. 2) If they can't help you, or you look at your IEP and you don't understand what it says (teachers have to learn to read them too--it ain't easy!), ask your IEP coordinator to go over it with you and explain it to you. You might even print out your questions and these answers. The teacher may not be able to do it right at the moment you ask. They need to have that discussion without other students around, and that may take a few days to arrange. 3) Share your concerns with your IEP coordinator. Ask if some changes can be made to your IEP or to the material you are given in your classes. I don't know what the teacher will do at that point. There are several ways that could go. They may have you take some tests to get a better idea of what you can actually do. They may change your class schedule. They might move you into a general ed class or two. This would be difficult for you at first, but maybe you get the hang of it after the first few weeks. Hard work though--no excuses! Or they may give you work to do in your special ed class that is a little bit more difficult and more in line with the grade-level standards. 4) If you get stuck, contact your local disability rights organization and ask for an advocate. If you click on the link below, look for a pull-down menu under "Get help in your state", and choose the state where you live. This should lead you to contact information for an organization designed to help you with problems like this. They will be familiar with the local laws, and are pretty good at explaining them to parents and students. If your parents (or you--if you are over 18) sign some paperwork, the advocate can review your files, ask your teachers and counselors some questions, and go to meetings with you. Good luck! I hope you get what you're looking for!

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