What age children stop believing in santa?

What age children stop believing in santa? Topic: What age children stop believing in santa?
June 26, 2019 / By Didi
Question: I have to write a paper for a critical thinking class. I was considering writing about the childhood belief of Santa Clause, and was wondering the typical age children stop believing in him. Maybe some personal experience i.e. self or your children
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Cari Cari | 9 days ago
I stopped believing in him when I was 7. I stayed up ALL Christmas eve looking at the moon/sky to see if a sleigh and 8 reindeer would fly by, but it didnt. I guessed he took a different route. Then we went to my gmas house the next morning and when we knocked on the door, i could hear her and other people saying, "Theyre here! put the cookies there! paint the hooves on the floor!put the presents there!" Then she opened the door after about 15 minutes and the "santa was here" proof looked fake.
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Amy Amy
I stopped at 8. I caught my dad in a Santa suit and my mom giggling hysterically. Apparently they couldn't keep quiet and I ended waking up walking out into the living and catching my dad putting gifts under the tree in a baggy red suit. My brother who was 9 at that time...rubbed it in my face. D: I felt betrayed lmfao. But that's the sweetness of child innocence lol.
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Wayland Wayland
I think in 4th grade. That way the kid won't be made fun of for still believing bc some/a lot of kids still believe in Santa in 4th grade but once you hit 5th grade there isn't a lot of believers. So there you go.
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Saladin Saladin
hmm... i don't think i ever believed santa was a real physical person. but i guess i just thought he was the spirit of christmas kind of thing. so when my grandparents said a toy was from santa, i knew it wasn't actually but i still had fun pretending :) they tried explaining it to me when i was 8 i think, but they seemed surprised when i said 'i know'.
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Murdy Murdy
I think I was somewhere around 9-11. I don't remember which. D: I wish I had figured it out later, though... Christmas is never more fun than when you're a kid!!
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Kenelm Kenelm
well... i kinda had doubts when i was 12 but completely stopped believing when i was about 13 or 14
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