Do most users on here know virtually nothing about other countries and cultures?

Do most users on here know virtually nothing about other countries and cultures? Topic: Do most users on here know virtually nothing about other countries and cultures?
June 16, 2019 / By Divina
Question: I find that what is said about other countries and cultures on here is all through the looking glass of an American that has read American media which claims things about other countries and cultures. Basically a lot of myths invented in the US are believed by users on here and stormfront and 4chan about other cultures and people. They believe if they can just link one western website claiming anything, that it's evidence that it's real and what people say who actually are from the country is irrelevant. For example I see many users on the English side of the internet perpetuating nonsense about Japan. They claim that in Japan you buy used underpants in vending machines, yet the origin of this is a western internet myth and no Japanese person has ever confirmed this. They claim that adult men can have sex with 13 year old girl's, quoting the legal age, but clearly not understanding the actual laws of Japan and nuances of this topic. Instead reading a single number and then concluding that an adult man is allowed to have sex with a 13 year old (which is blatantly false). Then I see users claim that things are sayings in Japan, yet they are not sayings and are instead western myths. I see them claim that Japanese call westerners round eye, literally no one in Japan calls western people that. I see this about other countries also, Americans claim that the Chinese cook and eat babies. This all originated from an image from a Taiwanese artist that the alt-right on the internet found and then started inventing their own story about the image which had nothing to do with the real image which was just an art piece and wasn't anyone eating babies or real babies.
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Carita Carita | 5 days ago
I’m American. I remember feeling quite ignorant about other cultures in college, and considered studying History. I (naively) thought it would be, at the very least, a good jumping off point. That is, until I looked at the degree plan and saw just how little I would learn about rest of the world. And don’t get me started on just how little international news I get from CNN, Fox, or any of the major news networks here, despite having 24 hours to fill. Because Trump’s tweets? They matter more. America feels very isolated from the world sometimes, and I think that contributes to it. Despite the fact that it looks like we want to be in everyone’s business, we sure don’t want to learn about it. Or teach it. And you can’t blame millennials for that sh*t. We aren’t in charge of school curriculum or local school boards yet. Not trying to give excuses, really. Just giving my experience.
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Why the heck are you blocking people? Half the fun is having Y!A stalkers who constantly email you death threats or call you a whore every time you ask a question. Damn. I wouldn't even be on here if I didn't get to enjoy that sort of thing. PS...Y!A customer service blows. I wrote them a letter because I got a duplicate VN for the same question (the time stamp on the email was exactly the same for both) and got deducted 20 points. I emailed them and told them I had a duplicate VN and could they please delete the duplicate (I did not contest the actual VN), and all I got back was "After reviewing your question, it was indeed in Violation of TOS, blah blah blah". Obviously, they didn't even read my actual email. Good luck!

Andra Andra
Really "literally" no one? Can you prove that? That not one, single person has ever used that term? You checked with every living man and every written record?
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Wesley Wesley
Most Republicans have never traveled outside their state of birth due to economic reason. Many never outside their county of birth. Sad. Believe me.
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Sammie Sammie
I can'r understand why American's think they are the only users of this site. Like you for example.
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Sammie Originally Answered: Getting really emotional over virtually nothing? /:?
This answer, like all my answers, will use more words than necessary. I've never learned the skill of concision. So please be patient. All my life I have been interested in religions. I'm not religious, I tend to be agnostic, but I've always been fascinated with religions. I've read about a lot of them, and I find they all have wisdom. I like to think I've learned something from all of them. Okay, so years ago I had a GF who was a fundamentalist Christian. She made me read a book written by her pastor about 'Spiritual Warfare'. This book held that The Devil gets into our hearts and gives us bad emotions. We wake up one day and we're angry or sad or frightened or despairing, and we don't know why! So we find things to be angry or sad or whatever about. Instead of things in our life making us angry or sad or whatever, we get the emotion first and then assign it to someone or something, to make sense of it. Now I don't believe in the Devil. But it can't be denied that we all do this, we wake up one morning with an emotion and go trying to find a reason for it, but often there is no real reason, just the emotion itself. So what we should do is stop and think what it is that's really making us sad or angry, if anything. Undoubtedly you've had the experience of talking to someone who was really angry about something, and when you heard about it you tried to explain to them that it was nothing to be angry about. They misunderstood something someone said, or they were angry about something that happens to everyone, it's just the way it is. And no doubt you've seen that people who are angry don't like to be told there's nothing to be angry about. 8^) I don't really know enough about your problem to tell you exactly what you should do or how you should feel, and I don't presume to be able to solve the problem or make you feel better. But just as a general rule, depression is our way of punishing ourselves for perceived shortcomings and failures. The solution to depression (often, not always) is for you to feel better about yourself, to be more accepting of yourself. In other words, it's not about your cousin, it's not about you and your cousin, it's about YOU. (Hmmm. I don't mean that to sound as cruel as it does.) TV and ice cream and crying doesn't help. (Well, crying helps a little, not much). You need to just think about something else until you're able to think about this with a little more equanimity. And to stop blaming yourself. This is what Christians call 'spiritual warfare'. You need to be a spiritual warrior. 8^)

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