Help with Algebra please?

Help with Algebra please? Topic: Help with Algebra please?
July 18, 2019 / By Jessie
Question: These things are easy for some of you, I know... but it's killing me!!! I have an assignment due tonight and I just can't wrap my head around it. Below is one question from each section of my homework, because I'm not looking for all the answers, just a reference point! Thank you!!! Translate to numerical expression (or equation): The quotient of twelve and thirteen added to the product of three and four is equal to twenty. State the property that is illustrated: (3x8)x4=3x(8x4) (What they are looking for here is what confuses me, "what property is being illustrated?" Turn into equation and solve (which I can if I can translate): "In a triangular gable end of a roof, the angle of the peak is twice as long as the angle of the backside of the house. The measure of the angle on the front side is 40 degrees greater than the angle on the back side. How large are the angles? I know this seems cheap, but if I can see the proper way of doing these problems, I can figure the rest out and hopefully start to grasp it... Thanks =]
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Flurry Flurry | 9 days ago
I may only be in 7th grade but i am in advanced algebra :) the 1st one is associative property im not so sure about the second one it dosent give you a measurment to put in the formula. therefore it to me is impossible without a measurment. sorry,if i couldnt help you much :]
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Flurry Originally Answered: algebra 1 question real easy for someone with algebra experience.?
First of all: what was the question asking you to do with equation? well im just going to assume that they wanted you to simplify so this is how you do it: first you combine all the terms that are being multiplied by x and that equals -12x then you combine all the terms that are just numbers, which is equal to 1 after that, you comkbine all the x 2 terms and that put together is equal to -10x 2 and with the x 3 term, there is no other term that is with the exponent to the third so you leave that alone, so it is -x 3 after that is all finished, you put the whole equation together to equal -12x+1-10x 2-x 3 and if you are still having trouble, feel free to consult a math teacher. most of the time they are more than happy to help you
Flurry Originally Answered: algebra 1 question real easy for someone with algebra experience.?
3-4x-7x^2+4x^2-2-8x-7x^2-x^3 first, you should multiply by (-1), so that it is easier to work with -3+4x+7x^2-4x^2+2+8x+7x^2+x^3 the next step is to rearrange the equation-- make the exponents from largest to smallest x^3+7x^2+7x^2-4x^2+4x+8x-3-2 after that, condense each similar term x^3+10x^2+12x-5 add 5 to each side x^3+10x^2+12x=5 factor out x x(x^2+10x+12)=5 use the quadratic formula to find x x=8.6 or x=-1.4

Dandrenor Dandrenor
II problem. Visualise. Draw triangle ABC. BC horizontal. B on left, C on the right and A on top. let angle C be x angle A is 2x angle B is (x+40) sum of angles=4x+40.This should be equal to 180 for a triangle 4x+40=180 solve to get x=35 The angles are 35, 70 and 75.
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Bonduca Bonduca
Question 279019 : sin(x )tan(x/2) =1- cosx how to i prove this identity? .... Question 281968 : verify that Cosx (secx+ cosx csc^2 x) = csc^2 ... www.algebra.com/algebra/.../Trigonometry... -
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Bonduca Originally Answered: Advice with Intermediate Algebra(Algebra 2)?
I suggest that you learn Intermediate Algebra by studying in this website: http://www.wtamu.edu/academic/anns/mps/math/mathlab/int_algebra/index.htm I hope this helps!

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