What is a good human rights issue to write a research paper about?

What is a good human rights issue to write a research paper about? Topic: What is a good human rights issue to write a research paper about?
July 19, 2019 / By Chryssa
Question: These are ones that a lot of people in my class are already writing about and I'd rather not have.... -children soldiers -child abuse -rwanda genocide -darfur genocide -holocaust -armenian genocide -gay rights & marriage -women's rights -abortion I thought about writing about disabled people's rights, but I need a more specific example or event that happened about discrimination against the disabled. Can anyone give me any websites or examples of past discrimination or is there any serious discrimination going on against the disabled in today's world? It can be anywhere around the world by the way....
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Avilon Avilon | 5 days ago
I have noticed something more recently, but I'm not sure if it could be classified with just one title. I'm sure you've heard about the elderly people getting their power shut off when it's 100+ or 20 below outside. I just think that the power companies should be obligated to make amends for people who are in need of power, they depend on it to run their oxygen as well. I f you look at Veterans, they have also basically been stepped on. Their VA benefits are slowing coming to a halt. What harm would it do, to allow someone who may not have much time left anyway, to continue to get money to eat or pay their bills? The elderly are also being cheated out of retirement. This is an issue that will effect everyone who lives into retirement.
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Avilon Originally Answered: What Asian human rights issue should I write about for my literature review?
The failure of the Japanese Govt. to acknowledge and apologize for THE RAPE OF NAN KING look it up and decide.

Abigall Abigall
the right to eat food that has nothing wrong with it. Sams Wholesale club and all wal-marts throw tens of millions of pounds of food away each year. Example: I went to Sams to returna shirt. While I was there a woman returned an entire cart load of groceries for an inaudible reason. The food consisted of canned fruits and veggies, soups and chili. She also had fresh fruits and veggies and cereal,rice, canned cokes, cake mixes and much more. I asked the clerk why she returned it and she said she believed it was soley to get a refund because the old man that was with her had originally bought it. She said it happens all the time. I then saw cart loads of food behind her. I asked her what they were going to do with all that food and she said it goes into the dump behind the store. I asked her if I could take it to the mission house and she said no and that it would do no good to talk to the manager because people had tried for years to stop the waist but wal-mart comes back with the fact that they are not willing to get sued in case something bad happens. Tens of millions of good food gone to waist because Wal-mart and Sams FEAR they might get sued. Think of all the people it could feed.....especially today
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Storm Storm
How about the Human Rights of Noise Pollution. This is a topic not a lot of people follow, but think about it. All the Noise that pollutes our world. It's hard to get a decent night's rest with all the people who have loud Car Stereo Bass who seem to sit outside with their cars for hours making everyone miserable. You have increased construction causing more development, thus bringing in more noise. People on Cell Phones all over the place that have annoying Ringtones. More flights from Airplane travel. People owning more and more dogs that bark ceaselessly at everything that walks bye. Lots of noise issues that are unseen
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Palu Palu
That US citizens are being used as guinea pigs for Genetically Modified Foods. Most other western cultures have passed laws requiring labeling of GMO's while the US gov. just turns a blind eye, and the public consumes 70 to 80% GMO food.
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Palu Originally Answered: How can I write a paper on Human Rights Violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran?
Post your letters to this address, Presidency of The Islamic Republic of Iran office , Pastor St, Pastor Sq, Tehran , Iran. Or send a letter to this link for Iran's leader. http://www.leader.ir/langs/en/index.php?...

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