Earth home work? what? ?

Earth home work? what? ? Topic: Earth home work? what? ?
July 19, 2019 / By Amittai
Question: what are earth connections? im sopost to write an essay about earth connections what is that sopost to mean and what are some? this is as much information as i got ans yes its real home work thats why im asking for help bcuz i dont get it
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Tilly Tilly | 2 days ago
I googled "earth connections" and found these words used in a variety of contexts, none of them having much to do with Astronomy & Space, so you're probably asking in the wrong category. Why don't you do the same, and see if any of the links which come up relate in any way to the course this homework is for. Here's a tip: start using the Spell Checker in Y!A (and elsewhere). Then you would learn that "sopost" is not a word. Mind you, it so far from the correct spelling that none of Y!A's suggestions is correct. Hint: the word is "supposed."
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Roxie Roxie
I have never heard the term "earth connections" anywhere in the fields of astronomy or space. And sorry, I can't even guess what they are without something more to go on. So I did some searching and the only thing I could find that might be it is electrical wiring - an "earth connection" is when an electrical circuit is grounded to the earth (connected to the earth) to prevent electrical shock to a person if they touch something in the circuit. It ensures that in the case of a fault in the insulation (a "short circuit"), a very high current flows which triggers a fuse or circuit breaker to disconnect the power supply. Its usually called a "protective earth connection".
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